Earth Songs (2): „Late Summer Dance“

Biologist and bookwriter Clemens G. Arvay is performing „Late Summer Dance“, an instrumental piece of music to honor the fading summer. Composed and produced by Clemens G. Arvay. The Video was taken at a river called „Traisen“ in Austria on the 22nd of September 2016. This is part two of the „Earth Songs“ project. Please share. Thank you!

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Earth Songs (1): „Slim Thing“

Austrian biologist and book writer Clemens G. Arvay is playing „Slim Thing“ – an animal liberation song dedicated to each and every animal suffering in slaughterhouses. (Lyrics see below.)

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Slim Thing in a ring, yes
How I wish that I were there with you
So when you get weary you could lean on me, yeah
And rest your exhausted bones

I wish I could be the guiding star, that guides you
I would guide you in the arms of mine, oh yes
I wish I could rescue you, but I can´t
The butcher said he owns you, oh no
I wish I could take you home into my garden
Watch you grow and keep you warm and safe
I wish I could talk to you just for a moment
Just to say how much I love you

(2x Chorus)

I wish I could come to you, be at your side
But they are keeping me far away from you
I wish I could take you out, just like that
But they are building walls around you
I wish I could remove the chains from your legs
Look into your eyes, my sister, oh yeah!
I wish I could just appear before the slaughter
To let you know how much I love you


Slim thing, you will go there
On your last way, without me
Slim thing, you will go there
And I won´t be, won´t be with you

I wish I could make them understand it
But they don´t know what they are doing
I wish they could respect you, but they don´t!
No matter what they say, no no
I´ll never give up struggling for you,
And I will never forget you, oh no
I will go there, walking through streams of blood
Just to let them know how much I loved you – and I still do


— — —
„Slim Thing“ was originally written as a love song by The Gladiators. For his cover version Clemens G. Arvay generally rearranged and recomposed the song and the lyrics. (Check out The Gladiators as well for good Reggae Music. Highly recommended!)
This is part one of Arvay´s music project „Earth Songs“. Expect more and please visit Thanks for listening and don´t forget Slim Thing.  (The videos of animals in slaughterhouses have been provided by Peta Germany and Peta USA.)

Videos zum Heilungscode der Natur

In diesen Videos werden verschiedene Inhalte aus dem Buch „Der Heilungscode der Natur“ von Clemens G. Arvay kurz vorgestellt:

Der Heilungscode der Natur in 100 Sekunden (Trailer):

Tiere als Heiler:

Der Heilungscode der Natur – Die verborgenen Kräfte von Pflanzen und Tieren entdecken:

Ökopsychosomatik – Medizin der Zukunft

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Eco-Psychosomatics – Medicine of the Future

(zur deutschen Fassung)

The human organism does not end at the surface of the skin! Austrian biologist and author Clemens G. Arvay introduces the concept of eco-psychosomatics and explains this new science with the potential to revolutionize medicine. In his newest book „The Healing Code of Nature“ Arvay proofs the medical health-potentials of contact to plants, animals and ecosystems. The book appeared in April 2016 in german language at Random House Group, Munich. Translations to other languages might follow. Arvays last books have been translated to Spanish, French, Italian, Polish and Japanese.
If you are a journalist or publisher the author will serve you with more information. Please contact him via E-Mail.

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Ökopsychosomatik – Medizin der Zukunft

(go to english version)

Der Mensch endet nicht an seiner Hautoberfläche. Der Diplom-Biologe und Buchautor Clemens G. Arvay stellt das Konzept der Ökopsychosomatik vor und erläutert, warum es sich um eine neue Wissenschaft handelt, welche die Medizin der Zukunft revolutionieren wird. Anlass für den Beitrag ist Arvays Buch „Der Heilungscode der Natur„, in dem es um die verborgenen Heilkräfte der Pflanzen und Tiere geht.

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